Friday, September 12, 2014

Flooring that cleans the air? Fast Forward Friday - Hot on the Horizon Products!
Hi folks!  Today we have a few more hot on the horizon green products for every eco-conscious home.  The first, is from Certainteed and offers better soffit and attic airflow from the exterior of a home.  Attic and roof ventilation are particularly important to ward off moisture and mold issues in the attic and on the roof framing.  Typically soffit vents are created by screening over holes that are cut into sections of a home's soffit, or a vented soffit product can be used which looks perforated - with lots of tiny holes in the soffit.  Many people object to both of these because the aesthetic created is not clean, and especially on historically significant homes, it's not traditional or accurate to the time period.  Well, Certainteed has come up with Perimeter Soffit, a soffit product that has concealed ventilation along the edges of the panels to help "balance the aesthetic and performance" of the soffit.  It's very clean looking!

The next new product on the horizon was a Holy-Crap-That's-Cool find for me.  At first, I thought, yeah, right, but then I read on.  It's an air-purifying hardwood floor.  It's activated by natural and artificial light, as well as air movement.  Here's what Lauzon Flooring has to say about it's Pure Genius smart hardwood flooring:
Pure Genius is the result of years of research in a joint venture between the Swedish firm Välinge and the Danish firm Photocat AB. Lauzon is solely licensed by Välinge Photocatalytic AB to use their photocatalytic technology ACTiO2TM.
This air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide is a component of our Titanium finish. It is activated by natural and artificial light, that cause it to break down toxic contaminants on contact (formaldehyde and other pollutants present throughout the home) and transform them into harmless molecules. Its constant and consistent action is so effective over time that it has been shown to purify air indoors by up to 85%. 
Leave it to the Scandinavians to come up with something so cool!  Check out this video from Lauzon:

 This is groundbreaking for super-insulated and tight homes where indoor air quality and ventilation are a challenge!  What do you think? - comment below or share to Facebook to get people talking!

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